You will share a cabin room with another Wakonse fellow. The room will have two single beds and small dressers. You will be furnished with sheets, a thin pillow and one wool blanket. You are encouraged to bring a pillow, sleeping bag or blanket. There are two women's and two men's rest rooms in each facility with showers. You will be provided a towel and washcloth but staff recommended bring a spare. Slippers or sandals are encouraged to keep sand off your feet after showering. Bring your own shampoo, hair dryer, and soap. There is often not an abundance of hot water for showers so you will want to stagger them. A washer and dryer are available but you will need to bring detergent.


There will be three substantive camp meals each day each served from a cafeteria line. Staples such as cold cereal, fruit, and salad are always available. Vegetarian options are offered at every meal. If you have special dietary needs (ovo-vegetarian, low fat, etc.) please inform the Wakonse staff before the conference and note that on your registration form.


The dress for the entire conference is very casual: jeans, sweatshirts, sandals, tennis shoes are very appropriate. Expect to get sand in all footwear. Plan on layering your clothing since the temperature will vary widely throughout the day (mid-40s to mid-70s).

What to Pack

Here is a list of items we recommend to bring with you courtesy of past Wakonse Fellows:

  • alarm clock
  • sleeping bag
  • camera
  • ear plugs
  • umbrella and/or poncho
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • pillow
  • flashlight
  • towel
  • washcloth
  • soap
  • extra batteries
  • sweatshirts/jacket
  • binoculars
  • hat
  • outdoor games (kites, frisbees)
  • backpack
  • sleeping bag
  • covered travel mug
  • copy of favorite poem/reading
  • field identification guide for birds, plants, stars, etc.
  • swimsuit

Cell Phones/Email

Cell phone coverage at camp is poor. If a loved one needs to reach you in an emergency, they can do so by calling Camp Miniwanca at 231-861-2262. This number is only operative until 5 pm EST. we also recommend using a calling code to reach loved ones. Email will NOT be available at the conference so that participants can "unplug" as much as possible.


Please drive up the road into camp only when absolutely necessary. Cars must park in the lower parking lots of West or East Camp.

Camp Policies

Miniwanca is a place of beauty set apart from the mainstream of life. It is a special place that enables people to grow, learn and discover who they are and the best that is in them. Staff chooses voluntary simplicity as a lifestyle here. We expect others to do likewise while they are on the grounds.

Cleaniness: It is important that we keep the campsite and the beaches litter free. Please be extremely conscious of this courtesy to our hosts.

SAFETY: In order for people to trust, they must feel safe from the outside and safe from the inside. We ask participants to stay on the grounds, participate fully, and follow procedure.

PRESERVATION: Miniwanca is a fragile ecosystem so to make sure we preserve the environment, please stay on the dune paths, avoiding any dune grass. Please do not pick flowers, take birch from a living tree, or deface things of beauty.

SMOKING POLICY: Smoking is not allowed on the premises of Camp Miniwanca. It is about a four minute walk to get off camp grounds.

CAMPFIRES: Fire may be built only in fireplaces or designated areas. Firewood is available in the Hollow Circle and by request.

SWIMMING: Swim only with a Red Cross certified lifeguard at designated times. Given the frigid water temperatures you likely would dive into Lake Michigan during the Sunday morning Polar Plunge with other brave souls.

ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO USE: No tobacco (in any form), alcohol, or illegal drugs/chemicals are permitted on camp property.

DINING ETIQUETTE: Food is a precious earthly resource. At Miniwanca, staff and campers practice taking what they can eat and not wasting or leaving food on their plates. Uneaten food and napkins should be composted. Also, all cups, utensils and plates should remain in the Dining Lodge.