Faculty Conference


Your Role

  • Identify faculty on your campus known for good teaching or those wanting to improve their teaching. Solicit nominations from the chancellor, deans or department chairs.
  • Choose a diverse team - different as to disciplines, ages, stages of careers, ethnicity, gender, etc.
  • Explore the beautiful grounds of Camp Miniwanca. Get inspired by the lake, the sand dunes, the rustic buildings, trails and winding paths, the pristine forest and the beautiful sunsets.
  • Fully engage in dialogue group discussions and presentations for a reflective and enriching experience.
  • Meet as many of your talented and committed teaching colleagues as possible. Make connections, network, and share your interests.
  • Take time for yourself and model balanced living! Make time to reflect, set goals, walk the beach, and read a book. That will make all of us better able to learn from the experience.

Staff Role

  • Identify the talents and concerns of the participants.
  • Make everyone a participant: presenter, master teacher, reactant, writer, consultant, discussion leader, musician, photographer, entertainer, role model.
  • Make teaching the focus of the program. Explore it, model it, practice it, critique it, promote it, refine it.


  • A more supportive campus climate for those concerned with teaching.
  • A collaborative exchange of talent, ideas and resources within and among participating institutions.
  • Increased concern for the general issues of the academy.
  • Renewed interest, support and understanding for what is means to be a college teacher. Better teaching!