Faculty Conference

Faculty Program


The Wakonse Fellowship brings together faculty, teaching and learning professionals from postsecondary institutions who recognize and are devoted to the inspirational aspect of the teaching and learning process. We take everyone away from campus, from their phones, from offices and professional obligations. We prepare full days of workshop activities exploring teaching through highly interactive large and small group presentations, discussion groups and hands-on experiential sessions.

Recommended Readings


A tradition of the Wakonse conference is the Chautauqua, a time to share your hidden talents (talent being defined in the loosest and kindest manner imaginable). Please come prepared to share your talents with us - as musician, as thespian, as comic, as storyteller, or be ready and willing to join or organize an ensemble for our enjoyment.

Other Activities

During breaks at the conference, you will have opportunities to enjoy the beautiful environment. Activities include communal hikes in the woods, climbing large sand dunes (Old Baldy), walking the miles of sandy beaches, visiting Claybanks Pottery Studio and Cherry Point market, canoeing on Stony Lake, riding horses, playing golf (early Sunday morning), attending a non-denominational service at the Chapel of the Dunes, and joining evening quests to the Stony Lake Inn. There is a nearby grocery store for any additional needs and they have some excellent ice cream cones!

Materials Exchange

One of the unique aspects of the Wakonse Conference is that every participant is viewed as a valuable learning resource. We support one another with the sharing of both ideas and materials to enhance our college teaching. If you have resources you would like to share with others, please email Amanda Nell at nella@missouri.edu and include a PDF attachment, link or resource description to be included on the Teaching Resources page of our website.