Undergraduate Conference

The aim of the student conference is to bring students together to exchange ideas and information and engage in powerful dialogues regarding effective leadership and learning.

About Wakonse

Wakonse is a word from the Lakota Indian language meaning to teach, to inspire. Each year, the Wakonse Conference on College Teaching and Wakonse Undergraduate Conference provide an opportunity for faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students from across the nation to gather on the breathtaking shores of Lake Michigan for a powerful dialogue on college teaching and learning.

Conference participants, known as Wakonse Fellows, exchange ideas and information during highly interactive presentations, discussion groups, and hands-on learning opportunities. The Wakonse Conferences also encourage Fellows to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and recreational opportunities provided by Lake Michigan as a means of renewing their physical and spiritual well-being.


One of the most unique features of the "Wakonse spirit" is that the exchange of ideas and inspiration does not end on the last day of the conference. The program fosters a national network of Wakonse Fellows who serve as a source of encouragement and support once participants return to their respective colleges and universities.

"As soon as I left Wakonse, I already missed all of the people I had met and said it was one of the best weeks of my life! I learned an incredible amount about myself and the outstanding teachers that are helping me through college, but what I'll remember the most was how our group of students turned into best friends in such a short period of time. "