34th Annual Conference on College Teaching

May 23, 2024 - May 28, 2024
At Camp Miniwanca on Lake Michigan

Wakonse Defined

Wakonse is a word from the Lakota Indian language meaning to teach, to inspire. The Wakonse Foundation brings together people who find inspiring and influencing others is what they do for a living. We create a climate where it is important and appropriate to display and discuss teaching talents, where colleagues learn about themselves as teachers, where they see and consider the tasks and issues of creative teaching in a manner characterized as enjoyable, where providing feedback to one another is a norm and where that feedback is outside of any institutional mandate to improve or to evaluate teaching. Participants become Wakonse Fellows. That means, in the simplest of terms, to support, promote and share the excitement and satisfaction of teaching - to inspire others and ourselves.


Take everyone away from campus, from their phones, from offices and professional obligations. Prepare them for full days of workshop activities exploring teaching through highly interactive large and small group presentations, discussion groups and hands-on experiential sessions. Many informal opportunities for support and networking occur as participants become acquainted and share their talents and experiences with each other.

The Wakonse Fellowship brings together faculty, teaching and learning professionals from postsecondary institutions who recognize and are devoted to the inspirational aspect of the teaching and learning process. Wakonse is an organization of individuals dedicated to promoting and sharing with colleagues the excitement and satisfaction of teaching in higher education.